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PGS HOTELS is one of the most recognized international hotel chains who owns and operates hotels in Turkey, Egypt, Tunisia, Greece, India, Thailand, Vietnam, UAE and Indonesia. Due to the increasing interest in Thailand PGS expanded to Bangkok, Phuket, Pattaya, Koh Chang and many more exotic places.

In the ever growing and evolving tourism industry we keep reach for better quality and innovative services. We do this by following these principles; being customer focused, continuous innovation, respecting to business ethics, honoring our staff, socially responsible, environmentally friendly, acting according to the law.

In order to give better quality and innovative services in the tourism industry which keeps growing and evolving we promise to keep the following principles; Being Customer Focused, Continuous Improvement, Respecting to Business Ethics, Honoring Staff, socially responsible, Environmentally friendly, Acting Accordance to The Laws. 

  • - Ensure 95% guest satisfaction rate from in-house guest satisfaction surveys,
  • - Don’t exceed annual staff circulation rate over 5%,
  • - Follow annual training plan and give training to the staff of 90%,
  • - Conduct all internal audits and management reviews with in the scheduled dates,
  • - Obtain accurately score from food sample analysis with %99 score.
  • - To give importance to the institutionalization and branding.
  • - To follow changes and updates of the global tourism and hospitality standards.
  • - To be open minded to continuous improvement and changes.
  • - To adopt value based management approach.
  • - To work customer focus.
  • - To be sensitive and analyzer to guest requests and proposals.
  • - Not to compromise from quality..
  • - To give importance to personnel selection and training.
  • - To work with team spirit.
  • - To serve energetic and friendly.
  • - To respect the environment and society..
  • - To obey to laws.