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Our Green Project

PGS Hotels Casa Del Sol, Kata Beach, Phuket understands the importance of protecting the environment and seeks to enhance its environmental performance to become a “green” Hotel.

How we help the environment

  • • Lobby, Infinity Lounge and @Casa restaurant allow easy through flow of air eliminating the need for air conditioning
  • • Some Flowers used for displays are picked from our own small floral gardens and reused whenever possible
  • • Smoke free hotel
  • • Vehicles driven to maximize fuel efficiency
  • • Signs displayed requesting all engines to be idled whilst parked to reduce noise and pollution
  • • Staff to avoid leaving taps running whenever possible.
  • • Gardens only watered in the morning and evening to avoid loss of water through evaporation
  • • Water usage monitored daily
  • • Jacuzzi and swimming pool switched off whilst not in use
  • • Notices placed in rooms requesting guests to conserve water whenever possible
  • • Dishwashers only used when full
Waste Management
  • • All rubbish properly sorted for recycling
  • • Unused food is donated
  • • All gardening waste used for fertilizer
  • • Waste water properly filtered before releasing into the environment
  • • Power supply to guest’s rooms controlled by key tag
  • • Hotel lighting controlled by timers which are regularly re-set to avoid unnecessary use
  • • Use of energy saving bulbs
  • • Rooms well insulated to reduce heat
  • • Lights, Air conditioning and appliances turned off whilst not in use and usage periods monitored daily
  • • Windows and doors kept closed when air conditioning is in operation
  • • Notices placed in rooms requesting guests to conserve energy whenever possible
  • • All rubbish is properly sorted and sent to recycling companies
  • • Food containers made from recycled and biodegradable materials
  • • Re-use of paper and other materials whenever possible
  • • Re-use of building materials whenever possible
  • • Use of organic and chemical free fruit, vegetables and flowers
  • • No chemical substances used in the cultivation of vegetation in the hotel
  • • Fertilizers made from resorts biological waste using natural processes
  • • Chemical waste is properly disposed of and not released into the environment
  • • Local and seasonal products purchased whenever possible to reduce environmental impact
  • • Giving presentations to educate local community to raise environmental awareness and responsibility.
  • • Sponsored cleaning days for local beaches involving staff and the local community to try and create a joint community spirit.
  • • Car pool for staff to local town and beach to reduce pollution from individual transport
  • • Created outdoor activity such as Beach Volleyball, Chair Ball, Yoga, Outdoor Children Play ground, Dart Board, Water Polo, and Table tennis to promote the outdoor activity and provide our valued guest a healthy and relaxing atmosphere as well as electricity saving purposed.
  • • Staff use recycled paper and envelopes
  • • Compact florescent lamps to reduce energy usage
  • • The use of e-mails encouraged in preference to paper
  • • Staff encouraged to walk over short distances instead of using the elevator
  • • All air-conditioning, lighting and appliances are turned off whilst not in use
Staff Training
  • • All staff are energy aware and trained in environmentally friendly practice (e.g. switching off lights/computers, water consumption, air-conditioners, appliances etc.)
  • • Information boards put up in staff rooms and canteen to educate and raise awareness
  • • Regular checks to make sure environmentally friendly practices are being properly followed
  • • Regular briefings to maintain awareness